Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day One

Well here it goes, day one of my new blog. I've been talking about writing a blog for a long time now and finally have gotten around to it. This blog, my blog, will be a mix of a lot of things, so be prepared for awesome, random, creative, dog lover, and exciting things. 

I should probably introduce myself, my name is Josie Lynn and I'm 23 years old living in a house that I have recently purchased. I will be posting a lot about my new house and the improvements I have done and will continue to do. I am very much a DIY-er and I love being creative and of course I will share it with you! I have two adorable dogs, Cooper who is an American Eskimo and Brianna Urlacher who is a Great Dane. You will be seeing plenty of them on here especially as Bri grows (she's currently 4 months old!) 

Brianna Urlacher

Stay tuned for more things from my life......

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