Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Painting in Progress

So I was pinning away on pintrest one day looking at home decor ideas for the new place. I came across a 3 pack painting with gray, white, yellow, and black (the colors of my living room) I fell in love with it. I however did not fall in love with the price tag $150!!! Serious?!? I knew I could create something just as good myself and a lot cheaper, too! I decided though that instead of the yellow I would paint it green because it actually has ended up in my dining room (my dining room color scheme is green, gray, white, and black.) Well I sat down today to start painting, not thinking I would complete it all in one night. 
I had my Jimmy Johns and Mulan on the tv, ready to be creative. 

Supplies I bought were 3 canvases, 12x24 inches which were like $12 each at hobby lobby, I did have a coupon for 40% on one item though so I did save a few dollars :) I already had the paint and paint brushes so all I really spent was about $30. Hmmmm $150 or $30, think I made a good choice!! =] I was smart and laid down a plastic sheet so I wouldn't make a mess yet somehow I still ended up having paint all over myself. For the circles on the painting I got creative, using anything I could find around the house that was circular which included: red solo cup, spray paint lid, little paint bottle lid, tupperware lid, and even a tealight candle!!

Getting closer to done!

All in all I think my painting turned out great and I'm ready for my next home decor project. Once the paint dries I will decide on a wall for it.  =] let me know what you think.
Ta-Da!!! =]

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