Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIY Behind-the-Sofa Table

So I bought a sectional, yeah that was a big purchase and took forever for me to find the perfect one. I had it delivered and realized wow that sectional is huge!! I pretty much had no more room for any type of end table or coffee table or anything. After procrastinating on Pinterest I came across the idea of a behind-the-sofa table, I however could not find any blueprints or tutorials of how to make it. It can't be that hard I thought to myself so I measured out the couch and how tall I wanted the table to be and headed off to Menards. I bought a 2x10x12 because the length I needed was 11.5in. Then I bought a 2x10x8 for the table legs, I cut it into 3 pieces that are 31in. I bought wood screws and L brackets to keep the legs attached to the table top. It is super easy to attach the legs onto the table top, make sure you have two people though because someone needs to hold the legs and someone needs to run the drill. Unfortunately I forgot to take any picture before all this......onwards and upwards though, staining the table. That was so dang easy and some what messy but easy!!!! I used minnwax ebony stain because I wanted a darker table. I brushed the stain on and waited about 15 minutes then I used a clean cloth and wiped excess stain off. Now it's sitting outside drying.

Before the staining 

Another before. 

The stain drying. 

 Up close of the stain. Love the look of this!!

This table is going to look awesome in my living room! I haven't decided yet on two coats or just one. So stay tuned!

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