Monday, December 2, 2013

Da Bears

So over the weekend I got to go to a Chicago Bears Game!!! =]  
 Trust me I was super excited, especially since I didn't even have to pay for the tickets, I won them in a fantasy football league.

So in the spirit of my bears-ed-ness (yes that is now a word) I have decided to share some pics of my very awesome Chicago Bears Themed Office. Just let it be known this is a WORK IN PROGRESS! I am no where near done with my perfect office.

One Blue Wall
One Orange Wall
There will be blue and orange stripes added to the white walls.

My very awesome desk. Painted it all myself! Going to add "Chicago" and "Bears" to the endzones and a Bear Head to the middle of the field.

Made those super awesome curtains out of sheets!!!! I know you're jealous

Added "Bears Football" to one of my walls. Plan on making a bookshelf underneath it.

Bears blends in with the wall for now but adding more around it later

And here is an awesome pic I snapped during the game!

I had such a fun time at the game, hopefully going next year again! & as I add more to my office I'll add more pics to this blog just so you know how amazing my office is! :)  Oh and I'll give you some tutorials so you can do some of the cool things I've done (like my bears field desk!!!)

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