Saturday, October 26, 2013

Beer Cake

Have a man in your life that is hard to shop for? Here is an idea of a SUPER EASY present that you can make for birthdays, christmas, baby showers, any special occasion really. A BEER CAKE! Most men like beer and cake so they get the best of both. You can do as many layers of "cake" as you want, I've always just done three. You'll need: Ribbons, Round Cardboard (I used pizza discs,) tape, and beverages of your choice. Just a heads up if you plan on taking this beer cake with you anywhere it WILL fall apart! I have tried to figure out a way to get all the beer to sit on the cardboard in transit but it doesn't work. If I figure it out I'll let you know! So I recommend setting this up in the place it needs to be in. Start with the biggest pizza disc on the bottom and start to add your beverages, enough to cover the disc without going over the edges. Then add a smaller disc on top and add your beverages, finally add the smallest disc and add your beverages. Then just cut your ribbon to desired length and tie it around each individual tier. Ta-Da! You are done! Here are some examples of the beer cakes I have made.
 Birthday Miller Light Beer Cake

Baby Shower Alcohol Cake

As you can tell the Baby Shower Cake I made is a little more complex than the Miller Light Cake. Instead of all cans I used beer bottles on the second layer and mini liquor bottles on the top. I also added "It's a Girl" cigars on dowels and stuck them to the cardboard. I then added a big bow to the top and some curly ribbons all around. (This is the one I took with me and it fell apart in the car and we didn't really get it set up the same when we got the event place. So once again be careful if you decide to make this and take it somewhere.) That is all for now!

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